Horndogz "Midnight Scooby Snacks" The Remixes 

Horndogz "Midnight Scooby Snacks" the remixes

Treat yourself with some « Midnight Scooby Snacks » for the cold winter nights ahead !

This batch of Horndogz’ Canine Funk was cooked and remixed with love by talented chefs including Riga Alkmaar (Holland), Jay Murphy (FR), Neue Grafik (UK) or Pulsaar (Switzerland).

Already acclaimed throughout dance floors across Europe, with the help of Dj crews like The Funky French League Willy Wizz's Steady Or Not version of « Rock Steady » is one of those funky bangers to look-out for.

Having toured across Europe and recorded with the finest artists and musicians like Fred Wesley, Amp Fiddler or George Clinton, this new opus is an electronic spin off in their Funky discography that brings the wilder side of these Dawgs to life. 

Acclaimed as some of the finest musicians around Horndogz have always been met with warm reception for their releases, landing reviews in countless Funk blogs, magazines, and tv shows... 

Today they bring a different and exciting vision to their work with this album of remixes, allowing fans to connect to their underground World as well as introducing themselves to new listeners...

Album available for download on Juno or Bandcamp