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Horndogz Midnight Scooby Snacks - The Remixes

Saxophonist Eric 'Shrizzadelic' Rohner, trumpeter Gilles 'C-Freak' Garin and guitarist Rico 'Adiko' Kerridge meet in the 90's within the renowned Parisian group Malka Family. They refined their musical complicity by integrating many groups such as: Dele Sosimi, George Clinton, Gréements De Fortune, Juan Rozoff, Alpha Blondy, Jim Murple...

During the summer of 2010, they replaced George Clinton’s brass section during his French tour. On this occasion, they were baptised Horndogz by bass player Lige Curry and for whom they subsequently recorded. Name adopted since, they continue their adventures like young, crazy dogs in hornier sounds than ever.

Having toured across Europe and recorded with the finest artists and musicians like Fred Wesley, Amp Fiddler and George Clinton, 'All About You' (Willy Wizz's All About Funk Edit) is an electronic spin off in their funky discography that brings the wilder side of these Dawgs to life.

Acclaimed as some of the finest musicians around Horndogz have always been met with warm reception for their releases, landing reviews in countless Funk blogs, magazines, and tv shows.

Today they bring a different and exciting vision to their work with the Midnight Scooby Snacks Remixes, allowing fans to connect to their underground vibe as well as introducing themselves to new a new

world of listeners.


"Start the summer with something funky from your French outfit Horndogz featuring the vocals of legendary Detroit, USA funkateer Amp Fiddler and instrumentalist Sadiq Bey - with old school flavour given a modern tweak courtesy of Paris based producer Willy Wizz."

Shaun 'Stuckee' Willoughby

All About the video:

« Hitting the nerve of time one mo' gin... Horndogz & Wizz fuse in order for y'all to loosen up & finally shake off the present pandemic lull that has put the nation to sleep for way too long ! Everybody wake the funk up now cause it's ALL ABOUT YOU ! »

Eric "Shrizzadelic" Rohner

« A very personal and groovy work by Willy Wizz remixing the Horndogz song « All About You » (featuring the great Amp Fiddler from Detroit) you can enjoy with this fine black and white video clip, a nice and dreamy walk in the street of Paris »

Gil'C'Freak Garin

« Woooof ! Refreshing Video and great remix by Willy Wizz. Just makes me wanna take it to the club, to the dance floor after this quarantine sh**t !!! This Remix is deep funky finger licking good ! 

Did i mention it was DOPE ? »

Rico Kerridge

" I put a lot of love in this remix, and what better place than the « city of love » to shoot from? Filmed during the last French lockdown, many scenes were shot without permission and this gives a certain « stolen » feel that adds a little tension to this stroll in the streets of Paris… Which by the way I know Americans will love the vibe !

Willy Wizz


In the course of summer 2010 they first appeared as the P-Funk All Stars horn section for George Clinton during his French tour, where they  were then baptized «Horndogz» by bassist Lige Curry, with whom they ended-up recording as a result of this very tour...
 They had long been itching for a musical project highlighting the horns as they adopted their name in order to tell their «canine horn stories».  Horndogz was born !
 For their first album, the trio of producers naturally invited Fred Wesley, Amp Fiddler, George Clinton's P-Funk Family, Blitz the  Ambassador, Breis, Bibi Tanga, Juan Rozoff, Ty to join them in recording a (mind) blowing album...
 Now, they are about to take you on the dynamic side of Club Funk with "Midnight Scooby Snacks" remix LP, featuring remixes by Cowjuk,  Woody Braun, Pulsaar, Jay Murphy, Willy Wizz, Neue Grafik and more !

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